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The first French marketplace for new and used spare parts among repair professionals.

I’ve changed roles regularly and haven’t noticed these 25 years passing in the company. Every morning, I wake up with the same desire. We work seriously, in a friendly and serene atmosphere!

Jean-Pascal Poulain, Commercial Director – SDS Group

A family culture that endures

SDS is a family story that continues to thrive within our culture and that of our employees.

With an average length of service of 10 years, many employees have spent their entire careers within the Group. Through referrals or apprenticeships, numerous employees have facilitated the recruitment of family members, strengthening this friendly culture.

Beyond this strong corporate culture, we have implemented several initiatives to motivate and retain our employees:

  • Pleasant working conditions, with improved ergonomics of workstations (in both the warehouse and offices) in collaboration with occupational health services.
  • Concern for gender balance with an Egapro Index* of 93/100 (and a score of 35/35 for salary increases).
  • Priority given to low wages in Mandatory Annual Negotiations (NAO).
  • Generalization of telecommuting, which has become institutionalized during periods of confinement and has resulted in a company agreement.
  • A proactive approach to promoting apprenticeship through alternate contracts in IT, export, human resources, etc. A virtuous circle for both the company and young people.
The common point among SDS employees, regardless of their length of service, is their commitment, thanks to the love of the profession nurtured and vigorously defended by the people who make and have made the history of the company. They willingly share their knowledge despite the sometimes complex codes of the field, and newcomers quickly integrate into the “SDS universe.”