SDS Exclusive Distributor of TRIAX in France

TRIAX / SDS, a historical relationship, over 20 years of distribution!

The TRIAX / SDS story is the encounter between a key player in reception, distribution of video, audio, and data signals, and a renowned stockist known for its quality of service and speedy delivery.

It’s above all a story of people and trust. This strong relationship forged over time has given birth to a proprietary brand for SDS by TRIAX: Lenson.


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TRIAX France, a new distribution for maintaining service quality

The historical headquarters is no longer located in Denmark; it is now in Great Britain. The TRIAX brand persists. It still holds a global presence with the same quality of products. In order to continue the legacy in our territory, SDS has had the immense honor of being chosen as the exclusive distributor.

As the exclusive distributor, our role is both to centralize stock in France to ensure fast deliveries and to provide after-sales service for the brand.

We work every day to consolidate the stock to ensure continuity of service quality and efficient distribution.

We have also established an engineering department, just like TRIAX France historically. It is only natural that Christophe Fuchs, a TRIAX technical expert for many years, has joined our teams. Our engineering department manager assists you in your collective projects (hospitals, social housing, hotels, etc.) and others. He ensures the compliance of your installations with current standards. We also offer technical support and remote configurations.

The reliability of TRIAX

TRIAX has always prioritized reliability. TRIAX designs hardware and software that integrate easily and provide real added value to the solutions you offer to your customers.

Research and development are now handled by TRIAX globally. Innovation, quality, and simplicity are the pillars that have made the brand successful.

While SDS is now your privileged contact in the territory, the brand itself remains the same. The quality of service will also remain unchanged thanks to this new exclusive distribution.

From reception antennas, receivers, coaxial distribution, Ethernet distribution, fiber optic distribution, headends, mechanical and cabinets, find the entire TRIAX catalog at SDS!