We engage with our customers and partners to extend the life of devices

In France, 40 million broken down goods are not repaired (1).

On January 1, 2020, information on the repairability of products in household appliances became mandatory.

The stated objective is to act against planned obsolescence.

Some brands have already reacted and started improving the repairability of their devices, through extended warranty periods or improved availability of spare parts.

(1) According to Brune Poirson, Secretary of State to the Minister for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition, figures from the NGO “Friends of the Earth”.

We give professionals every chance to repair

In addition to our work with the major brands on the market, we are constantly looking to find parts and accessories suited to the needs of professionals. We therefore wish to maximize their chances of repairing a device, a locking system or a security system. These parts are manufactured by the same factories as those of the major brands (OEM: Original Equipment Manufacture), or offered by other factories and technically validated as compatible (Adaptable, Compatible or Universal parts).

SDS is also looking for classic or totally disruptive alternative products, but still relevant for its customers.

We contribute to the repairability index

The change is gradual, but market players are showing their willingness to join. The repairability index is a flagship measure of the anti-waste law adopted in January 2020. It will identify whether a product is easy to repair and facilitate access to spare parts.


As repair professionals, we help enrich the database of the Longtime® initiative, the label for products designed to last. We report the issues we see to the teams, in order to help identify the most durable products over time. We are happy to participate in this way, at our scale, in the durability and repairability of devices.

Intelligent research, attractive price ranges, width of stock, responsiveness: the SDS Group sets up all possible services to contribute to this repairability index, and help its customers to fight against waste and contribute with them, as citizen actor, to gain repairability!